1/24/14: Announcing Our New Gendex 700!Gendex 700

After months of research, I have purchased an incredible new xray machine that you will love. The Gendex 700 is a major high-tech breakthrough that dentists like me have been hoping to see for many years. In fact, it was voted by dentists in 2013 to be the best xray machine in the world!


Well, do you hate getting xrays at the dentist office because:

1. You do not like radiation exposure?
2. The dental staff keep taking xrays because you move your head?
3. Those carboard or plastic xray film holders hurt your mouth?
4. Getting dental xrays make you gag?
5. You have to wait in the dental chair while the xray pictures are developed?
6. When they are ready, do they look grainy and impossible to understand?

If so, you will love the Gendex 700 because:Gendex 700 Closeup

1. The exposure to radiation is 50-75% lower than traditional xray equipment.
2. It’s easy to hold still while the machine takes your picture.
3. Nothing goes in your mouth! With the Gendex 700, you rest your chin on a soft support and hold a small piece of plastic with your front teeth.
4. You will not feel like gagging with the Gendex 700.
5. Like all digital pictures, the Gendex 700 images are ready to view within seconds.
6. Best of all, you can see a clear 3D image of your teeth. We can rotate the computer image and look at the tops, bottoms and sides of each tooth on the computer screen.

As a result, the xray part of your dental visit is safer, faster and more comfortable for you.

For me, I can identify the actual cause of your tooth problems more accurately, and treat them with more precision, than ever before.Teeth 3D Image

I am very proud of this new addition to Aye Dental and look forward to showing it to you.

Our Gendex 700 will be ready for you in early February, so when you call, let my wonderful receptionist know you are interested and we’ll take it from there.

To your best dental health and most beautiful smiles in 2014!

Dr. Aye


12/16/13: Season’s Greetings!

Family Dinner at RubyWe have enjoyed a wonderful year at Aye Dental. Each time you, your family members or friends walks in our door we feel special, especially this time of year.
My wife and I were able to celebrate the holidays last year with my parents. They are in their 70’s and had never been in the USA. They enjoyed tasting our different foods, including Ruby Tuesday! We were very happy they could travel from Myanmar to visit with us!
We hope 2013 was a wonderful year for you and that it ends with a peaceful and warm time with your friends and family .
See you in 2014!
Dr. Aye

Welcome to Our Website


Our big news for November is this new website! You now have information about our office, articles about dental procedures and reviews from our patients.

I will be posting more news about our practice, from time to time, and hope you visit this page again.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Dr. Aye